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Managed Kubernetes Service


A managed kubernetes service is a kubernetes platform where some or all of the responsibility for setup and maintenance lies with a third-party provider. The extent of services offered varies from vendor to vendor, but generally, using a managed kubernetes service shifts the responsibility for keeping the cluster online and updated from you to the vendor, as well as some or all of its maintenance.

Kubernetes Version Support14 Months12 Months12 Months
Container Runtimecontainerdcontainerdcontainerd
Control Plane UpdatesAutomatic or ManualManualManual
Node OSContainer-Optimized OS Ubuntu Windows ServerAmazon Linux Ubuntu Windows ServerUbuntu Windows Server
Node UpdatesAutomaticManualAutomatic or Manual
Node Health MonitoringNode auto-repairNot Kubernetes-aware: Autoscaling will replace node if it failsNode auto-repair
Serverless ComputeCloud Run for AnthosAWS FargateAzure Container Instance

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