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The Pulumi Console enables safe and secure collaboration between developers and operators. It protects resource state against concurrent updates and offers detailed insights into stack updates and resources.


Collaboration features are found in the Pulumi Team and Enterprise editions. Some team features are only available on the Pro edition. See product editions for more information.


There are two permissions systems used when determining a user’s access to a stack.

First is the user’s role in the organization. Administrators of a Pulumi organization have broad access to the organization settings, including configuring the specific permissions for other members of the organization.

Second is the specific stack permissions a user may be granted to a stack. For example, by being a member of a team, or by being the stack creator.

Project and Stack Management

Learn about the benefits of using the Pulumi Console to manage your projects and stacks.

Audit Logs

Audit Logs enable you to go back in time and figure out who, when, and why something about your organization, project, or stack changed.