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Building Developer Portals with Pulumi

    At Pulumi, we work with companies that range in size from a few engineers to entire departments responsible for managing infrastructure. A common pattern we have seen is that as companies grow in size and complexity, they often build internal portals on top of Pulumi to enable developers to self-service their infrastructure needs.

    Pulumi provides several features to help you get your own developer portal off the ground faster:

    • Organization Templates
    • New Project Wizard
    • Pulumi Backstage Plugin

    Organization Templates

    Organization Templates can provide your Pulumi organization with a centralized repository for all your cloud components, best practices, and configurations. They allow your Pulumi organization members to organize, discover, and deploy cloud resources with ease, all within the Pulumi platform or within your own integrations.

    We support Organization Templates on the Enterprise and Business Critical editions of Pulumi Cloud.

    New Project Wizard

    The New Project Wizard allows anyone in your organization to pick a template they want to install and walk through configuring the deployment of that template. There is support for configuring Pulumi Deployments automatically so that the template can be deployed without needing the Pulumi CLI locally or any other CI/CD configuration. Just a few clicks, and you have deployed your infrastructure.

    Pulumi Backstage Plugin

    Backstage is an open-source framework for building developer portals. Using the Pulumi Backstage Plugin you can create new Pulumi projects from your Organization Templates, and you can run previews, updates, or execute Pulumi Deployments directly from your Backstage instance.

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