Creating an AWS S3 Bucket with Pulumi

This reference shows how to use Pulumi to define an AWS S3 resource using pure code which can then be deployed to AWS and managed as infrastructure as code.

What is AWS S3?


AWS S3 is object storage built to store and retrieve any amount of data from anywhere. Find out more at AWS here.

Create an AWS S3 resource using @pulumi/aws

The @pulumi/aws library enables fine-grained control over the AWS S3 resource meaning it can be coded, deployed, and managed entirely in code.

const aws = require("@pulumi/aws");

const bucket = new aws.s3.Bucket("my-bucket");

const bucketMetric = new aws.s3.BucketMetric("my-bucket-metric", {
    bucket: bucket.bucket

const bucketNotification = new aws.s3.BucketNotification("my-bucket-notification", {
    bucket: bucket.bucket

const bucketObject = new aws.s3.BucketObject("my-bucket-object", {
    bucket: bucket.bucket,
    content: "hello world"

const bucketPolicy = new aws.s3.BucketPolicy("my-bucket-policy", {
    bucket: bucket.bucket,
    policy: bucket.bucket.apply(publicReadPolicyForBucket)

function publicReadPolicyForBucket(bucketName: string) {
    return JSON.stringify({
        Version: "2012-10-17",
        Statement: [{
            Effect: "Allow",
            Principal: "*",
            Action: [
            Resource: [
                `arn:aws:s3:::${bucketName}/*` // policy refers to bucket name explicitly

Create an AWS S3 bucket using @pulumi/cloud

The @pulumi/cloud library provides a high-level abstraction over the AWS S3 resource ensuring the same code can be used in multi-cloud environments.

const cloud = require("@pulumi/cloud-aws");
const aws = require("@pulumi/aws");

// A new bucket that will work in any cloud
const bucket = new cloud.Bucket("bucket");
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