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List of Compliance Ready Policies for Gcp

    There’s a total of 1 Compliance Ready Policies for the Gcp provider.

    All those policies are available in the @pulumi/google-compliance-policies package.

    Please refer to our Documentation for more details.




    Policy name: gcp-compute-firewallpolicyrule-disallow-inbound-http-traffic

    Code path: gcp.compute.FirewallPolicyRule.disallowInboundHttpTraffic

    Check that Firewall Policy Rules do not allow inbound HTTP traffic.

    Service: Compute

    Resource: FirewallPolicyRule

    Associated metadata for this policy:

    Severity: critical

    Frameworks: cis, iso27001, pcidss

    Topics: encryption, network

    Link: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hypertext_Transfer_Protocol

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