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    Multi-cloud development with @pulumi\cloud

    For a higher-level abstraction, and greater portability, the @pulumi\cloud-aws library provides a set of classes that enable productive development for any cloud. When instantiated for AWS, code is adapted to use the available services in AWS, and the supporting services necessary to deploy them (e.g. IAM roles).

    var cloud = require("@pulumi/cloud-aws");
    // Create RestAPI and Lambda Functions
    const myLambda = new cloud.API("nameLambda");
    // Create an S3 Bucket
    const myBucket = new cloud.Bucket("nameBucket");
    // Create container infrastructure using AWS Fargate
    const myContainer = new cloud.Task("nameContainer");
    // Create container infrastructure using AWS ECS
    const myService = new cloud.Service("nameService");
    // Create DynamoDB table
    const myDatabase = new cloud.Table("nameTable");
    // Create AWS Cloudwatch event rule
    const myTimer = new cloud.Timer("nameTimer";)
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