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Resource options

All resource constructors accept an options argument that provide the following resource options:

  • additionalSecretOutputs: specify properties that must be encrypted as secrets.
  • aliases: specify aliases for this resource, so that renaming or refactoring doesn’t replace it.
  • customTimeouts: override the default retry/timeout behavior for resource provisioning. The default value varies by resource.
  • deleteBeforeReplace: override the default create-before-delete behavior when replacing a resource.
  • dependsOn: specify additional explicit dependencies in addition to the ones in the dependency graph.
  • ignoreChanges: declare that changes to certain properties should be ignored during a diff.
  • import: bring an existing cloud resource into Pulumi.
  • parent: establish a parent/child relationship between resources.
  • protect: prevent accidental deletion of a resource by marking it as protected.
  • provider: pass an explicitly configured provider, instead of using the default global provider.
  • providers: pass a set of explicitly configured providers. These are used if provider is not given, and are passed to child resources.
  • replaceOnChanges: declare that changes to certain properties should be treated as forcing a replacement.
  • retainOnDelete: if true the resource will be retained in the backing cloud provider during a Pulumi delete operation.
  • transformations: dynamically transform a resource’s properties on the fly.
  • version: pass a provider plugin version that should be used when operating on a resource.