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Resource option: retainOnDelete

    The retainOnDelete resource option marks a resource to be retained. If this option is set then Pulumi will not call through to the resource provider’s Delete method when deleting or replacing the resource during pulumi up or pulumi destroy. As a result, the resource will not be deleted from the backing cloud provider, but will be removed from the Pulumi state.

    If a retained resource is deleted by Pulumi and you later want to actually delete it from the backing cloud provider you will either need to use your provider’s manual interface to find and delete the resource, or import the resource back into Pulumi to unset retainOnDelete and delete it again fully.

    To actually delete a retained resource, this setting must first be set to false.

    • Set retainOnDelete: false and then run pulumi up

    Once the resource is no longer marked retained, it can be fully deleted as part of a following update.

    The default is to inherit this value from the parent resource, and false for resources without a parent.

    let db = new Database("db", {}, { retainOnDelete: true });
    let db = new Database("db", {}, { retainOnDelete: true });
    db = Database("db", opts=ResourceOptions(retain_on_delete=True))
    db, _ := NewDatabase(ctx, "db", &DatabaseArgs{}, pulumi.RetainOnDelete(true));
    var db = new Database("db", new DatabaseArgs(),
        new CustomResourceOptions { RetainOnDelete = true });
    var db = new Database("db",
        type: Database
          retainOnDelete: true
    The retainOnDelete resource option does not apply to component resources, and will not have the intended effect.
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