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Resource option: version

    The version resource option specifies a provider version to use when operating on a resource. This version overrides the version information inferred from the current package. This option was built to be used directly by the Pulumi SDK. version should not be used directly during normal operations.

    let vpc = new aws.ec2.Vpc("vpc", {}, { version: "2.10.0" });
    let vpc = new aws.ec2.Vpc("vpc", {}, { version: "2.10.0" });
    vpc = ec2.Vpc("vpc", opts=ResourceOptions(version="2.10.0"))
    vpc, _ := ec2.NewVpc(ctx, "vpc", &ec2.VpcArgs{}, pulumi.Version("2.10.0"))
    var vpc = new Aws.Ec2.Vpc("vpc", new Aws.Ec2.VpcArgs(),
        new CustomResourceOptions { Version = "2.10.0" });
    var vpc = new com.pulumi.aws.ec2.Vpc("vpc",
            .version("2.10.0" )
        type: aws:ec2:Vpc
          version: "2.10.0"
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