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Self-Hosted Changelog

    Self-hosting is only available with Pulumi Business Critical. If you would like to evaluate the self-hosted Pulumi Cloud, sign up for the 30-day trial or contact us.




    • [scim] Add logs when filtering invalid members
    • Relax transport validations on the http client used by the oidc client on self hosted
    • Honor env proxy variables for oidc metadata requests
    • OIDC Trust - Add support for org tokens with admin privileges


    • [saml] Add email identity for new SAML admin if none exists
    • Decouple GitHub app installation for self hosted
    • [scim] Add more flexibility to SCIM user search filter
    • [saml] Add more flexibility to saml login process
    • Re-enable sign in button after failed login when username changes
    • Log SCIM search users response
    • Fix [saml] handle corrupted saml identities for existing users
    • Rename email change request email
    • Stop navbar flickering after visiting the Resources page
    • Hide GH App on integrations page for self-hosted
    • Fix required marker in delete org dialog




    • Upgrade password hashing complexity
    • Log requested SCIM ops when we fail on validation
    • Fix overflow title in the onboarding dashboard panel


    • Fix: Always allow users to delete existing policies
    • Fix: use stack name on provider audit logs
    • Fix dropping trailing zeros from numbers in config values
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