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The Pulumi Cloud New Project Wizard

    Pulumi Cloud provides a New Project Wizard to help walk your organization’s members through the process of creating new Pulumi projects. This provides a more turnkey alternative to the Pulumi Backstage Plugin or custom-built integrations.

    By using the wizard, users can generate projects from your Organization Templates, commit and push code to GitHub, and trigger an initial deployment – all in a few clicks and without leaving the browser.

    Make sure you install the Pulumi GitHub App to ensure the New Project Wizard works seamlessly with Pulumi Deployments.

    The New Project Wizard can be found in the left sidebar:

    New Project Wizard Sidebar Location

    If you chose to create a project from a template, you’ll be able to pick from one of Pulumi’s numerous public templates, or from your Organization Templates. Choosing a “starter” creates a new Pulumi project with some basic scaffolding based on the cloud and language specified.

    New Project Wizard

    If you’ve configured your Pulumi organization to work with Pulumi Deployments, you’ll be able to commit and deploy your new project entirely from your browser. Otherwise, you’ll be able to follow step-by-step CLI commands to invoke in your terminal.

    New Project Wizard Deployment Method

    For more detailed instructions on how to use the New Project Wizard with Pulumi Deployments, see Get Started with Deployments.

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