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Building Developer Portals with Pulumi and Backstage

    We’ve seen many developer portal technologies rapidly growing in popularity over the last few years. In particular, we’ve seen Pulumi users adopting Backstage and as a result we built the Pulumi Backstage Plugin to address the needs of organizations using Backstage and Pulumi together.

    Pulumi Backstage Plugin Activity screenshot

    The new Pulumi tab gives you direct access to all Pulumi stack activity associated with your backstage projects that include Pulumi stacks.

    The Pulumi Backstage Plugin supports two new scaffolding actions, pulumi:new and pulumi:up which can be used to template out new Pulumi projects and to trigger updates to Pulumi stacks, fully integrated into the Backstage scaffolding system.

    apiVersion: scaffolder.backstage.io/v1beta3
    kind: Template
      name: kubernetes-template
      title: Kubernetes Cluster
      description: |
        A template for creating a new Kubernetes Cluster.    
        - pulumi
        - kubernetes
        - id: pulumi-new-component
          name: Cookie cut the component Pulumi project
          action: pulumi:new
            name: "${{ parameters.component_id }}-infrastructure"
            description: ${{ parameters.description | dump }}
            organization: ediri
            stack: ${{ parameters.stack }}
            template: "https://github.com/my-silly-organisation/microservice-civo/tree/main/infrastructure-${{ parameters.cloud }}-${{ parameters.language }}"
              "node:node_count": "${{ parameters.nodeCount }}"
            folder: .

    Checkout the Pulumi Backstage Plugin in the Backstage Plugin directory or the Roadie Pulumi Backstage Plugin guide.

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