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Kubernetes & Pulumi

    Streamline Kubernetes cluster configuration, management, and application workload deployments using TypeScript, Python, Go, C#, Java or YAML. Use the Pulumi Kubernetes Operator to manage both Kubernetes and cloud resources.


    The Kubernetes provider can provision any resources available in the Kubernetes API.


    Pulumi templates are the fastest way to deploy infrastructure. After deploying, you can easily modify the infrastructure by updating the code in your language of choice.


    Components support all languages and group a set of resources together.

    Convert Kubernetes YAML to Pulumi

    Convert or generate Kubernetes YAML manifests in the language of your choice with Pulumi's tools.


    Learn how to use Kubernetes & Pulumi together.

    Cluster management

    The following SDKs are available to work with IaaS resources, and managed or self-managed Kubernetes clusters. The packages are available in Node.js (Javascript and Typescript), Python, Go, .NET and Java.

    Pulumi Kubernetes Operator

    The Pulumi Kubernetes Operator is an extension pattern that enables Kubernetes users to create a Stack as a first-class API resource, and use the StackController to drive the updates of the Stack until success.

    Deploying Pulumi stacks in Kubernetes provides the capability to build out CI/CD and automation systems into your clusters, creating native support to manage your infrastructure alongside your Kubernetes workloads.

      Introducing Pulumi Copilot - Intelligent Cloud Management