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Next Steps with Pulumi & AWS

    Congrats! You’ve deployed your first project on AWS with Pulumi. Here are some next steps, depending on your learning style.

    Try a tutorial

    Let our AWS tutorials guide you through key Pulumi concepts.

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    Launch a new project with a template

    Easily deploy the most common cloud architectures, from static websites to serverless applications, virtual machines, container services, and Kubernetes clusters.

    Browse templates →

    Dive into the docs

    Read more about Pulumi’s architecture and foundational concepts in depth, including projects, stacks, configuration, secrets, resources, state, and more.

    Read the docs →

    Try Pulumi ESC (Environments, Secrets, and Configuration)

    In this guide, you used stack configuration and environment variables to configure a single project and stack. Did you know you can also configure multiple Pulumi projects, and even other applications, with Pulumi ESC?

    Pulumi ESC introduces the concept of environments — managed collections of static and dynamic settings that you can use to configure any project, stack, application, or service, including with short-lived cloud credentials through OpenID Connect.

    Learn more about Pulumi ESC →

    Check out the blog

    Browse the latest posts on using Pulumi with AWS, including everything from new AWS products and features to technical architectures and best practices.

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