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Next Steps with Pulumi & AWS

    Congrats! You’ve deployed your first project on AWS with Pulumi. Here are some next steps, depending on your learning style.

    Learn Pulumi

    Dive into Learn Pulumi for a comprehensive walkthrough of key Pulumi concepts in the context of a real-life application.

    Learn Pulumi Fundamentals →

    How-to Guides

    Explore our how-to guides if you’re looking for examples of specific architectures or application stacks. These guides are available in all Pulumi languages and cover many common architectures such as static websites, EC2 virtual machines, EKS clusters, Fargate containers, and serverless applications.

    Explore How-to Guides →

    How Pulumi Works

    Learn how Pulumi works from its architecture to key concepts, including stacks, state, configuration, and secrets.

    Read Documentation →

    Blog Posts

    Read through the latest blog posts about using Pulumi with AWS, including everything from new AWS features and products supported by Pulumi to technical architectures and best practices.

    Read the Pulumi Blog →
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