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Pulumi Cloud accounts

    To create your Pulumi account, navigate to app.pulumi.com and sign up. You may use any of the following identities to sign up:

    Your account lets you authenticate with the Pulumi Cloud, where you can do the following:

    • Manage your profile settings, including your account password, access tokens, and subscriptions
    • Add an organization backed by Atlassian, GitHub, GitLab, or a SAML 2.0-compatible identity provider, such as Active Directory, Okta, or Google Workspace.
    • Manage your projects and stacks


    Your Pulumi user account profile is used to identify you in the Pulumi Cloud. Your account display name, avatar URL, and email address are obtained from the identity provider you used when signing up.

    Editing Your Profile

    To edit your profile information:

    1. Select your profile picture.
    2. Select Account settings.
    3. Use the Edit profile button.
    4. Save your changes.

    Adding New Identities

    You can associate your Pulumi account with multiple identities. In addition to the one you have originally configured, you can add your identities with the following third party providers:

    Connecting these additional identities will enable you to join Pulumi organizations that are backed by those systems. Only organization admins can add members to a Pulumi organization.

    In order to be invited as a member of a Pulumi organization, you must connect your account with the organization’s backing identity provider. Once your account is linked to your third party identity, you will then show up on the list of users that the organization admin can invite.

    Password Reset

    For users who signed up with email, you may change your password by:

    1. Use the organization selector to choose your individual account.
    2. Navigate to Settings > Account security
    3. Reset your password. Your password must be at least ten characters long.

    Personal Access Tokens

    Use access tokens to sign into the Pulumi Cloud via the CLI. On this page there is a list of all your personal access tokens, including a description and last used information for each token.

    When you run pulumi login from the command line, you will be prompted for an access token. Once obtained, the access token logs you into the Pulumi Cloud and lets you interact with the Pulumi Cloud and manage your stacks.

    These access tokens have the same permission as your user. If you instead would like to scope the token to an organization, use Organization Access Tokens.

    Access tokens

    Creating Personal Access Tokens

    To create an access token:

    1. Select Personal access tokens from the user menu.
    2. Select Create token.

    Deleting Personal Access Tokens

    To delete an access token:

    1. Select Personal access tokens from the user menu.
    2. Select Delete token from the 3-dot menu at the end of the table row.


    Your individual account is on the Pulumi Individual Edition and this cannot be changed. To collaborate with others create an organization.


    This page provides a list of Pulumi’s Continuous Delivery guides. Select your favorite CI/CD platform to learn more about how to integrate it with Pulumi.

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