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Join us to find out how Pulumi’s Infrastructure as Code reduces cloud complexity, accelerates development velocity and helps companies scale and innovate.

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Getting Started with Kubernetes on AWS
MAR 24

In this workshop, you will learn the fundamentals of setting up EKS clusters on AWS through guided exercises using Pulumi.

Getting started with Kubernetes on AKS with Pulumi
MAR 24

Learn the fundamentals of building and deploying containerized workloads and get an introduction to Pulumi's IaC platform and deployment on Azure.

Streamlining AI/ML Workflows on GKE with Pulumi
MAR 24

Learn to harness the capabilities of GPUs and TPUs effortlessly, empowering data scientists to focus on model development rather than infrastructure management.

From Zero to Production in Kubernetes

Explore how to leverage the power of Python with Pulumi, an infrastructure as code platform to define and manage your Kubernetes deployments.

Pulumi Templates for Common Use Cases

Pulumi templates are the fastest way to deploy infrastructure. Templates come with predefined infrastructure as code so you can get started instantly. Find some of our templates below, and Happy Templating!

Kubernetes Cluster Templates

Deploy Kubernetes clusters and their associated infrastructure on AWS, Azure, or Google Cloud Platform.

Kubernetes Application Templates

Build and deploy applications with programming languages and deploying them to your Kubernetes clusters.

Container Service Templates

Pulumi program templates are the fastest way to deploy container services on AWS, Azure, or Google Cloud Platform.

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