GitHub Actions with Pulumi

Any repo. Any cloud.

Pulumi and GitHub Actions combine to provide the easiest, most capable, and friction-free way to achieve continuous delivery of cloud applications and infrastructure.

Continuous Delivery

In this end-to-end example, see how we use Pulumi and GitHub actions to continuously deploy a Ruby on Rails application, packaged with Docker, to a Kubernetes cluster.

Get Started
Build Apps

Pulumi uses an existing Dockerfile to build and package the Ruby on Rails app.

Deploy Infrastructure

Pulumi provisions a Kubernetes cluster and a hosted PostgreSQL database.

Deploy on Commit

On a commit, Pulumi can provide a preview, and then automatically deploy the complete environment.

GitOps with Pulumi

Commit a code change, and see how Pulumi and GitHub Actions can then deploy your apps and infrastructure to any cloud or cloud-native environment.

Get Started
Commit Code

Pulumi code sits alongside application code and a change to either triggers a stack deployment.

Preview Changes

Pulumi provides a preview of changes that will be made as part of a Pull Request.

Merge Pull Request

After a merge, GitHub Actions and Pulumi will deploy the application and infrastructure stack.