Why Pulumi?

Any Code. Any Cloud. Any Team.

By leveraging familiar programming languages for infrastructure as code, Pulumi makes you more productive, and enables sharing and reuse of common patterns. A single delivery workflow across any cloud helps developers and operators work better together.

For Developers

Pulumi enables developers to write code in their favorite language, such as TypeScript, JavaScript, Python, Go, C#, and Java. This enables modern approaches to cloud applications and infrastructure without needing to learn yet-another YAML or DSL dialect. For users who do want to use YAML, Pulumi also supports a YAML interface. This unlocks abstractions and reuse as well as access to your favorite IDEs, refactoring, and testing tools. Master one toolchain and set of frameworks, and go to any cloud — AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, or Kubernetes — with ease.

Familiar Languages

Maximize productivity by defining cloud apps and services as code using familiar languages and IDEs: TypeScript, JavaScript, Python, Go, C#, or Java.

Programming Model

Use a programming model designed to make you maximally productive across any clouds, AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, or Kubernetes.

Real Abstractions

Build true cloud abstractions, reducing copy-and-paste, and share and reuse them in your favorite package manager.

For DevOps/Infra Teams

Pulumi enables infrastructure teams to achieve continuous delivery of cloud applications and infrastructure in any cloud environment — AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, Kubernetes, even hybrid and on-premises environments — with one common approach. By leveraging infrastructure as code combined with real languages, engineers can achieve greater productivity, while also enabling their development teams to be more "self-serve" with appropriate policies and guardrails in place.

Infrastructure as Code

Use robust infrastructure as code practices to plan and version deployments, and perform them with perfect auditability.

Multi-Cloud DevOps

Empower your team to go multi-cloud by leveraging a single model, tool, and service — eliminating YAML and DSL explosion.

Deploy Continuously

Integrate with existing SCM and ALM systems to continuously deliver to many clouds with a single consistent workflow.

For Security Engineers

Pulumi brings cloud security engineering closer to the infrastructure and development teams. By using one common workflow that spans any cloud environment, whether public, private, or hybrid, security teams are able to enforce policies that accomplish cloud governance projects of all kinds — security, compliance, cost control, and more. Help your teams deliver faster with safety and confidence.

Policy as Code

Use CrossGuard, Pulumi's policy as code solution that enables flexible policy authoring and application.

Built-In Secrets

Use Pulumi's built-in secrets management mechanism to ensure that sensitive infrastructure as code configuration is always encrypted.

Enforce Standards

Using standard packaging techniques, codify and reuse standard organizational patterns, with true versioning and easy patching.

For Engineering Leaders

Pulumi has thousands of happy users across companies of all sizes, from startups who want to get a modern cloud infrastructure up in an afternoon, to Global 2000 companies managing complex, multi-cloud environments with thousands of applications. Pulumi's unique approach allows organizations to achieve unified Cloud Engineering organizations, with developers, DevOps, and SecOps engineers who can collaborate for greater efficiency. Pulumi's unique cloud object model unlocks advanced approaches to security and compliance insights and enforcement.


Deliver on modern container and serverless architectures across applications and infrastructure, and Dev and DevOps.

Go Multi-Cloud

A single workflow across all clouds — AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, Kubernetes, and hybrid/on-prem — to achieve true multi-cloud delivery.

Enterprise Grade

Robust security, compliance, and auditing tools with an extensible policy engine for enforcing your organization's practices.

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