Deliver infrastructure with high velocity and scale through software engineering.

Universal Infrastructure as Code

Every cloud, every language, every architecture, every builder

Import joy into your cloud infrastructure

Write your configuration quickly

Speed up your inner dev loop with statement completion, real-time type checking, and interactive documentation directly in your IDE.

Ship your applications faster

Integrate Pulumi directly with your CI/CD provider to deliver your applications and infrastructure with more confidence and transparency.

Doing more with less

You can use the Automation API to create tooling that help you and your engineers manage 10x the amount of resources versus traditional tooling.


Build cloud applications and infrastructure by combining the safety and reliability of infrastructure as code with the power of familiar programming languages and tools.

Flexible and expressive

Loops, conditionals, functions, classes, and more.

Be productive

Gets things done in seconds rather than hours.

Share and reuse

Define and consume patterns and practices to reduce boilerplate.

Leading engineering organizations are building with Pulumi

Mercedes-Benz Research and Development North America
Pulumi Pipeline


Deploy cloud applications and infrastructure faster and with confidence, using one shared approach that works for day one and beyond for the entire team.

Infrastructure and applications together

Unify shipping your entire cloud software stack.

Deploy with confidence

Validate every change with testing and built-in policies.

Automate worldwide delivery

Scale up your delivery with advanced automation as you grow.


Manage cloud applications and infrastructure with a shared platform that helps teams adopt Cloud Engineering through collaboration, visibility, and policies and controls.

Secure by default

Automatic encryption for secrets and state.

Empower with guardrails

Identity and Policy as Code ensure continuous compliance.

See who changed what and when

Full change visibility and auditing across your entire organization.

Pulumi Service

The benefits of using Pulumi

Tame modern cloud complexity

Build with over 60 cloud providers using a consistent, cloud engineering approach that works for developers and infrastructure teams and eliminates accidental complexity.

Bring the cloud closer to application development

Leverage a rich, programmable cloud interface and reusable packages that abstract away complexity, bringing cloud concepts closer to application architectures.

Use engineering practices with infrastructure

Do more with less. Combine Infrastructure as Code automation with tried-and-true software engineering practices β€” including modularity, testing, and CI/CD.

Foster collaboration and innovate faster

Unite developers, infrastructure teams, and security engineers around a common platform so that everyone can speak the same language and ship quickly and reliably.

Atlassian reduced time spent on maintenance by 50%

"Using Pulumi and Python, our team quickly and easily built a repeatable pipeline that deploys development environments for more than 100 team members worldwide. The benefits of working in languages we know can’t be overstated. That just made moving to the Pulumi Cloud Engineering Platform an obvious choice for the team."

- Mike Corsaro, Senior Software Engineer at Bitbucket

Get started today

Pulumi is open source and free to get started. Deploy your first stack today.

With @PulumiCorp I said goodbye to #YAML and JSON supersets. I went back to what I love: #code. Code. End to end. Functional, even. #Kubernetes is pleasant again.



I'd like to congratulate @PulumiCorp on an AWESOME CLI experience... it's just beautiful



I'm actually learning more about TS/JS with Pulumi. It really has been a joy to use. Kudos to the team for making such an awesome tool!



Being able to build infrastructure in TypeScript brings tears of joy to my eyes thank you @PulumiCorp



I just spent a few hours getting used to @PulumiCorp SDK and I am already asking myself why I ever used #Terraform πŸ˜‚ Real Infrastructure as Code all the way πŸ’ͺ 😍



First, run of my new #dev environment. Love how easy it is with @PulumiCorp ❀️ πŸš€ #InfrastructureAsCode



Just Pulumi-ified a ton of random AWS resources & it feels so good.



I've been playing around with Pulumi a bit and I have to say this is really quite well done. The documentation is very polished and all tutorials I tried worked exactly copy paste out of the box.



#Pulumi is the fast growing new kit on the block. Great convo with @PulumiCorp at what the (near) future holds in terms of platform capabilities. Very exciting. #cloudengineering #devops #gitops @ema_research



Save yourselves from the yaml, use pulumi



Congratulations Joe. Loved the idea of pulumi since I did a talk with one of the first releases. I genuinely think this model is the future inside DevOps and out



Give Pulumi a shot and you will never look back @PulumiCorp



Really liking Pulumi's .NET binary support. Don't have to copy source code around environment pipelines and don't have to deal with runtime/sdk/re-compilation nonsense on deployment hosts / agents. Just native exe's ftw.



Been using Pulumi to write C# IaC for a while now, very much prefer it to HCL.



Pulumi ❀️❀️❀️❀️