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Our purpose

To democratize the cloud for every engineer.

We help engineers ship infrastructure faster with Infrastructure as Code in general-purpose languages.

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Our Values

Customers First

When the customer is successful, we are successful, and we always treat our customers’ success as our highest priority. We wear our customers’ shoes to understand the world from their perspective and build experiences to delight them.

Dream Big

We can’t possibly succeed at our audacious mission by taking small, conservative steps. Instead, we are lifelong learners who are intellectually curious, creative, rebellious, and like to dream big. We hire the best and the brightest, imagine a better future together, and empower our employees to invent the future.

Play to Win, as a Team

Being a global and inclusive team enables us to build the best products for our customers, and everybody has a seat at the table no matter their background, experiences, or title. We are always raising the bar and maintaining a high level of team performance in our drive to win as a team. We celebrate those wins together, learn from our failures together, and are on this journey as a team together.

Bias for Action

We make fast decisions, learn from them, and own the outcomes. Good today is better than perfect tomorrow. When in doubt, we empower action, experimentation, learning, and iteration. We strive to build internal consensus so that we are all bought in, but in cases where we disagree, we disagree, commit, and get going!

Be an Owner

As early employees, we are owners and behave accordingly. We are frugal, spend Pulumi’s resources as if they’re our own, and accomplish more with less.

Like what we stand for? Join us.

We are looking for new teammates who want to build the future of cloud infrastructure together.

Pulumi is about community

Pulumi's Infrastructure as Code SDK is an open source project and our community inspires everything we do. We're constantly improving the developer experience of building on the cloud because of our community's feedback and contributions. Also, we're backed by venture capitalists who believe in our open source values and the business. Here are some ways that we recognize our community:

Pulumipus wearing a medal with two hands raised
The Puluminaries

A group for stellar Pulumi community members who have made "above and beyond" contributions to the community.

Meet our Puluminaries
Pulumipus wearing a medal with two hands raised
The Pulumiverse

A place for the Pulumi community to interact and collaborate on Pulumi-based learning resources.

Explore Pulumiverse
Pulumipus wearing a Pulumi hoodie
Pulumi users

Engineers love Pulumi! Don’t believe us? Check out what our users have to say.

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Our journey

Pulumi was created to make the cloud vastly simpler (and more fun) to use for developers and engineers.

$5M Seed fundraise
First customer
Open source launch
Pulumi Service launch
$15M Series A fundraise
Pulumi 1.0 launch
Pulumi 2.0 launch
$37.5M Series B fundraise
Pulumi 3.0 launch
Universal IaC Launch
Pulumi Deployments launch
Pulumi Insights launch
Pulumi ESC launch
Pulumi for Platform Teams launch
$41M Series C fundraise

Our awards & recognition

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Press Releases

  • 24th April 2024
    Pulumi Copilot Delivers Unparalleled Speed with Generative AI-Powered Intelligent Cloud Management
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  • 24th April 2024
    Pulumi Launches Drift Detection and Time-to-Live Stacks to Improve Cloud Costs and Robustness
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Recent News

  • 12 June 2024
    Pulumi Adds Generative AI CoPilot to Manage Cloud Infrastructure
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  • 25 April 2024
    Detecting drift and dealing with the Silicon Valley mindset
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We are fully remote and hiring!

Our team is a diverse and talented group of individuals from all walks of life.

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