The Cloud Engineering Summit is a virtual day of learning for cloud practitioners that focuses on best practices for building, deploying and managing modern cloud infrastructure.

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Cloud Engineering Summit

2021 Featured Speakers

2021 Summit Tracks


Reusable infrastructure practices

Docker, containers, or Kubernetes

Building React Native, cloud-based apps

Serverless apps development

Data science and ML apps

Sharing your open source project

Modern cloud applications and architectures blur the lines between app infrastructure and cloud engineering teams adopting new tools and practices to tame complexity and accelerate delivery.


CI/CD practices

How to empower developers across your organization with shared services platforms or internal cloud platforms

Orchestrating workflows and microservices

Share your open source project

Cloud engineering teams deploy modern cloud applications and infrastructure through unified and automated delivery processes with thorough testing.


Security & governance

Observability and monitoring

How to manage cloud access and controls across organizations

Cloud engineering teams manage cloud applications and infrastructure with Policy as Code, visibility, and access controls. For example, they manage infrastructure with policies that detect configuration drift, enforce best practices, and even prevent compliance violations before deployment.


How to Build a Self-Service Cloud with Python

In this workshop, you’ll build a Python & Flask web application that lets you and your developers deploy applications at the click of a button.

Getting Started with Infrastructure as Code on AWS

In this workshop, you will learn the fundamentals of Infrastructure as Code on AWS through a series of exercises using Pulumi’s Cloud Engineering platform.

Getting Started with Azure and Infrastructure as Code

In this workshop, you’ll use the Azure native provider to build infrastructure using TypeScript SDK and examine some of the features not previously possible.

Getting Started with Google Cloud & Infrastructure as Code

In this workshop, we’ll use the Google Cloud native provider to build infrastructure using TypeScript and examine some of Pulumi's newest features.

From Zero to Production in Kubernetes

Join Damian Curry & Elijah Zupancic and go from zero to production on Kubernetes by using Python to build abstractions that make getting to production easier.

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