Pulumi CrossCode

Pulumi CrossCode is the underlying technology of Pulumi that provides universal infrastructure and policy as code to all cloud builders, developers and infrastructure experts. CrossCode provides the universal translation layer to the Pulumi infrastructure as code engine.

CrossCode is composed of Pulumi’s open source code generation, program generation, schema, and packages software. View on GitHub.

Pulumi Cloud Engineering Platform

Capabilities of Pulumi CrossCode

Build infrastructure in all popular programming languages

CrossCode enables a polyglot world where one team can write infrastructure as code components in one language and another team can consume them from another language. CrossCode supports any JVM language (Java, Scala, Kotlin, Clojure), .NET (C#, F#, PowerShell), Node.js (JavaScript, TypeScript), Go, Python, and markup languages (YAML, JSON, CUE). CrossCode components enable the sharing and reuse of well-architected building blocks that can be consumed across the organization.

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Convert from any infrastructure as code format

CrossCode can translate existing infrastructure as code, such as Terraform HCL, AWS CloudFormation templates, Azure Resource Manager templates, and Kubernetes YAML, to Pulumi. This helps organizations preserve existing infrastructure as code assets but carry them forward into the future.

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Import infrastructure directly from any cloud

CrossCode can import existing infrastructure and generate the infrastructure as code in any supported Pulumi language. This works for any infrastructure no matter if it was provisioned manually or by another infrastructure as code system.

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Enforce policy in all popular programming languages

CrossCode enables Pulumi CrossGuard policy as code to be written in all popular programming languages (Java, .NET, TypeScript, Go, Python) and markup languages (YAML, JSON, CUE). Policy as code empowers organizations to enforce resource compliance through programmable guardrails.

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