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Intelligence for Cloud Infrastructure

Pulumi Insights is Intelligence for Infrastructure as Code. It adds advanced search, analytics, and AI to infrastructure as code. As part of this launch, we have two private previews that give you access to more features: AI Assist for Search and Cloud Import.

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AI Assist for Search

AI Assist enables natural language queries across your infrastructure. With it, you can provide a plain English (or Spanish, French, Japanese!) request, to express queries for which you might not know the exact syntax, type tokens, or package names. AI Assist lowers the barrier to gaining insights over infrastructure.

Cloud Import

All resources managed by Pulumi are part of the resource supergraph, but you can also bring resources defined and managed outside of Pulumi into the graph to make them available for Insights. Pulumi Cloud Import lets you apply Search and Insights to resources created outside of Pulumi, whether that be via ClickOps or through other tools like Terraform, CloudFormation, ARM or Kubernetes YAML.

Learn More

To learn more about Pulumi Insights and see examples of it in action, read the launch announcement blog.