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Advanced CI/CD for AWS using Pulumi and GitHub Actions

May 16, 2024
90 minutes
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In this workshop, you will learn advanced topics that make up a robust infrastructure CI/CD pipeline through guided exercises. You will use Pulumi tooling to take your cloud infrastructure pipeline one step closer to production.

This workshop introduces users to advanced DevOps best practices. You will add compliance checks via policies, drift detection, and isolated test environments to an existing GitHub Actions pipeline. Accelerate your AWS projects with the code examples provided.

You'll Learn:
How to build an advanced CI pipeline to enforce compliance and correct drift
How to add dynamic credentials to your stack by configuring Pulumi ESC
How to add policy checks to test your infrastructure before each deployment
How to add a cron job to the pipeline to check for changes periodically (drift)
How to configure a dedicated cloud environment with Review Stacks
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Event Speakers
Diana Esteves
Solutions Architect, Pulumi