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Taking AI Apps to Production

Dec 14, 2023
60 minutes
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What does it take to go from an idea in a notebook to an application handling real-world traffic? In this workshop, the Pinecone and Pulumi teams will explore the infrastructure and service architecture you need to scale AI apps in production. We will delve into deploying high-volume AI systems through scalable microservices, efficient data processing, and seamless synchronization between user interfaces and databases. We will examine the nuances of containerization for enhanced portability and Infrastructure as Code (IaC) for streamlined cloud deployments. The workshop will also discuss industry best practices in scalability and security for production-grade AI systems in a cloud-native landscape.

This workshop is designed to help AI developers and engineers gain valuable insights and practical strategies for evolving AI applications into resilient and efficient cloud-native solutions. We will guide you through the Pulumi platform with diagrams and a series of labs to help accelerate your AI apps.

You'll Learn:
The basics of infrastructure as code and the Pulumi programming model
How to provision, update, and destroy AWS resources (Amazon ECS clusters, networking infrastructure, messaging queues, and Amazon RDS Postgres databases)
How to create and manage Pinecone indexes
Event Speakers
Scott Lowe
Principal Community Engineer, Pulumi
Zach Proser
Staff Developer Advocate, Pinecone