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Imagine the power of creating Infrastructure as Code effortlessly. With Pulumi AI, you use natural-language prompts to generate infrastructure as code (IaC) programs in the language of your choice, such as TypeScript, Python, Go, C#., Java, or Yaml. Pulumi AI will create all the necessary parts, from the instance itself to the security groups that will allow access. 🤖 Try Pulumi AI now and see the magic unfold: Prompt used in the video: “Please create a Linux instance I can ssh to” But that’s not all - you can iterate on the cloud infrastructure with the AI assistant, adding new features, fixing bugs, and clarifying requirements. With Pulumi AI, the possibilities are endless.

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Hi, my name is Carl and I’m a solution engineer at Pulumi. Today, I’m here to talk a little bit about using Pulumi A I to get started creating infrastructure as code Pulumi A I is meant to help everyone who uses Pulumi but can be especially beneficial when you’re starting out or even working with an infrastructure code tool for the first time. Just go to Pulumi dot com slash A I and then choose your language. You’ll see instructions on the sidebar to help you get started with Pulumi. If you haven’t already set it up. Of course, the real magic is in the prompt box. Simply type in what you’re looking to do. Be it, create a basic instance. I can connect to remotely, make a database cluster or even stand up a Cobert cluster with multiple auto scaling node groups, click generate and then watch the code get written for you. Bloomy A I will create all the necessary parts from an instance itself to security groups that will allow access pro tip preface your questions with. Please let’s keep things with the A I friendly copy out the generated code once it’s done and paste it into your editor of choice. Now you’re ready to run Pulumi up and deploy your new infrastructure. It’s just that easy.

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