Building a Kubernetes Platform in Amazon EKS with Pulumi


In this workshop, we’ll examine how Pulumi interacts with Kubernetes, and show real-world examples of managing Amazon EKS clusters. We’ll focus on building a user-friendly Kubernetes platform, installing software that makes Kubernetes easy to use for application developers.

Attendees will be guided through the process of provisioning an Amazon EKS cluster and installing platform friendly software such as cert-manager and external-dns.

Target Audience

Active Pulumi users, and users considering or actively building a Kubernetes platform


Attendees should be familiar with Pulumi and have the Pulumi CLI installed on their machine. Attendees should have access to an AWS account, temporary AWS accounts will be provided to users on a first come, first served basis.


  • Lee Briggs
    Community Engineer, Pulumi

What you'll learn

  • How-to provision a production-ready Amazon EKS cluster with key features enabled using Pulumi
  • Provisioning the aws-load-balancer-controller to automate ingress creation
  • Install an example application to show the end-to-end user experience for users.

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