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Building a Kubernetes Platform in AWS EKS with Pulumi

Mar 25, 2024
90 minutes
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In this workshop, we’ll examine how Pulumi interacts with Kubernetes, and show real-world examples of managing Amazon EKS clusters. We’ll focus on building a user-friendly Kubernetes platform, installing software that makes Kubernetes easy to use for application developers.

Attendees will be guided through the process of provisioning an Amazon EKS cluster and installing platform friendly software such as cert-manager and external-dns.

You'll Learn:
How-to provision a production-ready Amazon EKS cluster with key features enabled using Pulumi
Provisioning the aws-load-balancer-controller to automate ingress creation
Install an example application to show the end-to-end user experience for users.
Event Speakers
Josh Kodroff
Sr. Solutions Architect, Pulumi
Carlos Santana
Cloud Solutions Architect, AWS