GitOps with Pulumi and Codefresh


Traditionally organizations had completely different methods of deploying infrastructure and applications. Teams had to learn completely different tools as the lifecycle of an application vs the instrustructure it is hosted on have different requirements and limitations. GitOps is a set of best practices that redefines the way changes are applied and can be used for both infrastructure and applications. Contrary to popular belief GitOps is not constrained on Kubernetes applications and simply adopting infrastructure as code is not automatically GitOps. In this webinar we will see how you can apply GitOps to both infrastructure (even for non-kubernetes environments) and applications using a unified workflow is equally attractive to operators and developers.


  • Mitch Gerdisch
    Senior Sales Engineer, Pulumi
  • Christian Hernandez
    Head of Developer Experience and Community Management, Codefresh

What you'll learn

  • How to apply GitOps to both Infrastructure and Applications
  • Infrastructure as code for Kubernetes and non-Kubernetes deployments
  • How to set up a unified workflow for both operators and app developers.

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