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Deploying LlamaIndex Applications on AWS with Pulumi

May 8, 2024
90 minutes
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In this workshop, you will first be introduced to Pulumi, an infrastructure-as-code platform, where you can use familiar programming languages to provision modern cloud infrastructure. Following that introduction, attendees will see how to use Pulumi to deploy an AI application using LlamaIndex onto AWS, providing a practical use case for how infrastructure as code helps streamline deploying AI applications.
You'll Learn:
The basics of Pulumi for infrastructure as code
The basics of LlamaIndex
Create a Chatbot with LlamaIndex for AWS Bedrock and Streamlit UI
How to deploy a LlamaIndex application on AWS using Pulumi
Event Speakers
Engin Diri
Sr. Community Engineer, Pulumi
Laurie Voss
VP of Developer Relations, LlamaIndex