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Developer Infrastructure with Pulumi and Okteto

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In this workshop, you will learn the essentials of automating cloud resource provisioning with Pulumi and Okteto. This hands-on session is tailored for developers and platform engineers eager to adopt Infrastructure as Code (IaC) practices using familiar programming languages. Learn how to deploy cloud resources efficiently across any cloud provider and enhance your development workflow with Okteto’s on-demand environments.

Perfect for those looking to streamline their development process and foster better collaboration between teams, this workshop promises to equip you with practical skills for more effective cloud resource management.

You'll Learn:
How to create self-serviced, production-like development environments
How Okteto and Pulumi work together
How to provision and de-provision cloud resources in Okteto with Pulumi
Event Speakers
Arsh Sharma
Developer Experience Engineer, Okteto
Engin Diri
Sr. Solutions Architect, Pulumi