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From Zero to Production in Kubernetes

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Setting up your production Kubernetes environment brings many benefits including scalability and portability for your applications. Before you reach production, It’s important to understand key Kubernetes concepts and architectures available to keep your clusters secure and scalable. Ingress controllers are vital parts of any Kubernetes platform and NGINX ingress controller provides the best-in-class traffic management solution for cloud native apps and containerized environments.

It’s important to use repeatable mechanisms to handle your ingress objects and controller deployments. Adopting infrastructure as code provides a mechanism to easily deploy production-ready applications in a repeatable manner. In this livestream, we’ll explore how to leverage the power of Python with Pulumi, an infrastructure as code platform to define and manage your Kubernetes deployments and build powerful abstractions that make getting to production easier than ever before.

You'll Learn:
How to stand up Kubernetes including Amazon VPC, Amazon EKS, and other dependencies.
Setting up your ingress controller.
Deploying an app into your cluster.
Event Speakers
Josh Kodroff
Solutions Architect, Pulumi
Javier Evans
Solutions Engineer, NGINX