Getting Started with 1Password and Pulumi



Duration: 1 hour

Software developers need to secure their workflows to prevent the accidental exposure of API keys and other secrets. 1Password is known as a capable password manager, but 1Password Developer Tools also provide a set of capabilities to secure secrets throughout the software development lifecycle.

In this session, Sr. Software Engineer Jillian Morgan digs into how to use the 1Password CLI to manage secrets in a Pulumi workflow. Join Pulumi and 1Password for a short walkthrough of this powerful new feature and get your questions answered by the experts.


  • Ringo De Smet
    Customer Experience Architect, Pulumi
  • Jillian Morgan
    Senior Software Engineer, 1Password

Join us to learn:

  • How to access your 1Password secrets from the Pulumi CLI
  • Best practices for securing sensitive values during your deployments


This course will be taught using Pulumi Cloud. To follow along, sign up for your free account:

Recording Coming Soon!

This live webinar is no longer available. The recording will be posted to this page when it is available.

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