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Getting Started with Infrastructure as Code on AWS - Python

May 22, 2024
90 minutes
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In this workshop, you will learn the fundamentals of Infrastructure as Code through a series of guided exercises using Pulumi’s Cloud Engineering platform. You will be introduced to Pulumi, an infrastructure as code platform, where you can use familiar programming languages to provision modern cloud infrastructure.

This workshop is designed to help users completely new to Pulumi to become familiar with the core concepts to be effective with the Pulumi Infrastructure as Code platform. We will guide you through the Pulumi platform with diagrams and a series of hands on exercises to help you understand the building blocks available in Pulumi."

You'll Learn:
How to use Python with Pulumi.
The basics of the Pulumi Programming Model
How to provision, update, and destroy AWS resources
Event Speakers
Diana Esteves
Solutions Architect, Pulumi
Marina Novikova
Sr. Partner Solutions Architect, AWS