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Introduction to Infrastructure as Code on Azure

Jun 5, 2024
60 minutes
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In this workshop, you’ll learn how to use Pulumi to help you manage infrastructure in Azure using general purpose programming languages. This workshop is designed to help users who are completely new to Pulumi become familiar with the core concepts to be effective with the Pulumi Infrastructure as Code platform.

We’ll take you through building several sample architectures on Azure through a series of hands-on exercises to get you started. The workshop exercises will be run in TypeScript, but practitioners of other Pulumi languages will likely find the material useful.

You'll Learn:
The basics of the Pulumi Programming Model
How to manage Azure resources with Pulumi's Azure Native provider in TypeScript
An overview of Pulumi's features that help platform teams enable their organization to deliver faster
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Event Speakers
Josh Kodroff
Sr. Solutions Architect, Pulumi