Deploy Kubernetes and the Kitchen Sink with NGINX and Pulumi


In this Live Cast, Elijah Zupancic (NGINX) and Lee Briggs (Pulumi) will introduce a push-button Kubernetes deployment on AWS EKS using Pulumi for infrastructure definition. We will delve into some advanced topics such as chaining multiple Pulumi projects together, creating Kubernetes infrastructure as code, building / deploying NGINX Kubernetes Ingress Controller, and application deployments. All topics covered will have corresponding open-source examples that can be borrowed from freely.

This Live Cast should give you what you need to get started with a production ready Kubernetes cluster with NGINX and Pulumi.


  • Lee Briggs
    Software Engineer, Pulumi
  • Elijah Zupancic
    Solution Architect, NGINX

What you'll learn

  • Kubernetes Infrastructure as code
  • Push-button Kubernetes deployments
  • Application deployments

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