Platform Engineering with AWS Proton and Pulumi



Duration: 60 minutes

In this workshop, you will learn how to enable self-service infrastructure for your organization using AWS Proton and Pulumi. The workshop will include a brief introduction to Pulumi, an infrastructure-as-code platform, where you can use familiar programming languages to provision modern cloud infrastructure as well as AWS Proton, a managed service for self-service infrastructure templates.

This 200-level workshop is designed to help users who have basic familiarity with Pulumi effectively handle real-world use cases. We will guide you through using AWS Proton and Pulumi with diagrams and a series of labs to help accelerate your organization’s platform engineering efforts.


  • Josh Kodroff
    Senior Solutions Architect, Pulumi
  • Marina Novikova
    Sr Solutions Architect, AWS

Join us to learn:

  • How to use Pulumi to manage AWS infrastructure
  • How to use Pulumi with AWS Proton to create and manage reusable templates to ensure self-service compliant and production-ready infrastructure for application teams


This course will be taught using Pulumi Cloud. To follow along, sign up for your free account:

Recording Coming Soon!

This live webinar is no longer available. The recording will be posted to this page when it is available.

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