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Microsoft AKS Engineering at Scale with Spot and Pulumi

Apr 10, 2024
90 minutes
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As the rush to the cloud continues, businesses need to run at the speed of innovation. This means a well-defined and efficient platform engineering approach becomes essential while balancing your cloud infrastructure’s security, compliance, and scalability.

In this webinar, presented by Spot by NetApp and Pulumi, we will explore real-world examples of how organizations can leverage the power of Pulumi and Spot to optimize their AKS workloads at launch and why continuous optimization of your AKS infrastructure is a critical part of any successful platform engineering program. Our experts will discuss best practices for managing AKS at scale and how you can simultaneously increase time-to-market and developer productivity.

You'll Learn:
What Spot is and how to use it in Azure.
How Spot ensures security and compliance while scaling.
How Pulumi and Spot facilitates AKS usage at enterprise scale.
Event Speakers
Engin Diri
Sr. Community Engineer, Pulumi
Shon Harris
Developer Relations Lead, NetApp