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Serverless Java Production: Resilience & Optimization in GCP

Apr 15, 2024
90 minutes
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Get your next Google Cloud Serverless Java application production ready and add optimizations tuned for the most scalability and performance. Learn to balance cost, latency, and resources to design and implement JIT, AOT Native, and even touch on CRaC and Project Leyden scenarios. Join this workshop for direct Google advice on serverless architecture, delivered with the power and convenience of Pulumi’s cloud orchestration platform.

In this workshop, you will first be introduced to Pulumi, an infrastructure as code platform, where you can use familiar programming languages to provision modern cloud infrastructure. Following the introduction, attendees will learn about multi-service app delivery on Google Cloud’s serverless platforms, including components such as Postgres, Firestore, and Backend-for-frontend (BFF), and even integrate fault resiliency observability for the ultimate production visibility and confidence.

You'll Learn:
Infrastructure as Code the Pulumi way
How to balance cost, latency, and resources
Production readiness for Serverless applications
Java optimization on Google Cloud
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Event Speakers
Kat Morgan
Sr. Community Engineer, Pulumi
Xiang Shen
Solutions Architect, Google Cloud