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A type of database that organizes data into some data structure other than the two-dimensional tables seen in relational databases. Also called non-relational databases, NoSQL databases can be document-based (like MongoDB), column-based (like Apache Cassandra), graph-based (like Neo4j), or key-value (like DynamoDB). Other flavors of NoSQL databases do exist, including hybrids, but these are the most commonly-used.

Database TypeUse CasesCloud ExamplesSelf-hosted Examples
Key-ValueECommerce, recommendation engines, high-trafficDynamoDB, CosmosDB, BigTableRedis
ColumnBusiness intelligence, data warehousingKeyspaces, CosmosDBApache Cassandra
GraphRecommendation engines, fraud detection, social networksNeptuneNeo4j
DocumentContent management systems, user profiles, product informationDocumentDB, CosmosDB, FirestoreMongoDB

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