Universal Infrastructure with Superpowers

Supercharge your cloud infrastructure.

Pulumi 2.0 includes new capabilities for Delivery, Provisioning, Architecture, Testing, and Policy-as-code — on any cloud, using your favorite languages.

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  • Any cloud, any language

    Pulumi works with top programming languages across all public clouds with support for dozens of popular infrastructure service providers including private and hybrid clouds.

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  • Provisioning

    Reduce complexity and ship applications to any cloud faster. Boost productivity using the best languages and tools. Plan, preview, and track all changes. Easy SaaS and self-hosted options.

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  • Delivery

    Continuously deliver apps and infrastructure with CI/CD and SCM integrations and built-in secrets management. Improve velocity and visibility for deployments in complex global environments.

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  • Architecture

    Avoid reinventing the wheel with infrastructure that codifies patterns and best practices. Benefit from an ecosystem of libraries and language packages shared with the community.

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  • Policy

    Prevent mistakes from getting deployed. Enforce security, compliance, cost controls, and best practices using policies defined in real languages. Apply policies across the organization with fine-grained controls.

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  • Testing

    Be confident that infrastructure is correct before and after deployment. Use popular tools and test-driven techniques. Perform integration tests for ephemeral environments and post-deployment validation.

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Corey Quinn, Joe Duffy and the Pulumi team introduce you to Pulumi 2.0's new superpowers and improvements.

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