Announcing Pulumi 2.0, Now with Superpowers

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Today we are excited to announce Pulumi 2.0, the next major stage in our journey as an open source project, company, and community. This release expands on our original vision of using your favorite languages and tools to do all things infrastructure as code, now with new cloud engineering superpowers that will help you and your team adopt modern cloud architectures.

What is Pulumi?

We call Pulumi’s unique approach Modern Infrastructure as Code:

  • Familiar Languages. Use the best languages and tools to declare infrastructure and gain best-in-class productivity and engineering capabilities. Connect to existing communities and ecosystems and leverage world-class language and tooling innovation.

  • Multi-Cloud. Adopt consistent workflows across any cloud(s) — public, private, or hybrid — while still using the full breadth and depth of your target cloud’s services.

  • Modern Architectures. Although Pulumi works great for legacy workloads, it was born in a world of modern container, serverless, and cloud-native architectures. Feel free to mix and match these approaches as you modernize over time.

  • Cloud Engineering Teams. By choosing Pulumi, you’re betting on your team. The whole team, in fact: developers, infrastructure and operations teams, and security engineers alike. Tackle cloud solutions together without technology or team silos.

Introducing Superpowers!

The main theme of 2.0 is something we’ve taken to calling “superpowers.” This isn’t just a buzzword we came up with — it’s something we keep hearing from happy end users.

What is Pulumi 2.0?

After shipping 1.0 last year, we’ve been hard at work helping customers to succeed at their modern cloud projects. This has taken us beyond the basics to include:

Welcome to the Team, Pulumipus!

We’re also taking the opportunity to have a little fun with the launch and introducing a new mascot, The Pulumipus. You may have met them already at an event or at PulumiHQ, and we’re happy to welcome them as the official mascot going forward.

Expect The Pulumipus to pop up from time to time to help you out with your infrastructure superpowers!

Give it a Try Today

Today is an exciting day for us, our customers, and our community — your passionate support and feedback shaped this release, and we thank you.

To learn more, join us for our launch event next Wednesday, check out the new superpowers page with more details and videos, or just download Pulumi and give it a try. If you’re upgrading from Pulumi 1.0, please see our migration guide.

Please tell your friends and colleagues — we will see you in the Community Slack, where we look forward to hearing what you’re doing with your new superpowers!