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Managing Secrets with Pulumi

We’ve had a 1st class concept of encrypted secrets configuration ever since first releasing Pulumi. Customers have told us they love having such a simple and easy way to ensure safe management of tokens, database passwords, and more. Since launching, however, we’ve also heard that you’d like more control over encryption and to see this protection expanded to cover not just configuration, but all of the secret data within their Pulumi deployments.

To support this, we’ve added two new features to Pulumi in our latest 0.17.12 release:

  • Automatic tracking of secret values throughout a Pulumi program to ensure that all such values are always encrypted in the resulting state, no matter how they are used.
  • A new option to use custom client-side encryption, instead of the default of using the Pulumi backend for encryption, to have full control over the secrets encryption and decryption.

Together, these features provide you with complete control over how secrets are managed within Pulumi deployments. We have worked with customers with advanced security and compliance needs while developing this feature, enabling them to use our online hosted SaaS with even greater confidence.

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