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Kubernetes Application Templates

Building and deploying applications on Kubernetes clusters

Infrastructure as code is an efficient and repeatable way of building Kubernetes applications with programming languages and deploying them to your Kubernetes clusters.

Pulumi’s open source, infrastructure as code SDK lets you build and deploy Kubernetes applications with TypeScript/JavaScript, Python, Go, Java, .NET, and YAML. The main benefits include:

  • Programming Languages: Define infrastructure as code in your favorite language instead of domain-specific languages.

  • Cloud Native Ecosystem Support: Use Helm charts and native Kubernetes API objects, including integrated Kustomize support, to deploy workloads to your Kubernetes cluster.

  • Fast, Easy Deployment: Quickly deploy your Kubernetes applications with the CLI, with a GitOps workflow, or from a CI/CD workflow.

  • Rapid Development: Author, version, test, and release cluster and infrastructure changes just like software.