Pulumi + AWS Summit London

We will be at AWS Summit London Booth B14
Join us to find out how Pulumi’s Infrastructure as Code reduces cloud complexity, accelerates development velocity and helps companies scale and innovate.

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Getting Started with Infrastructure as Code on AWS
May 9, 2024

In this workshop, you will learn the fundamentals of Infrastructure as Code through a series of guided exercises using the Pulumi Cloud Engineering platform.

Advanced CI/CD for AWS using Pulumi and GitHub Actions
May 16, 2024

Learn advanced topics that make up a robust infrastructure CI/CD pipeline through guided exercises.

Pulumi Templates for Common Use Cases

Pulumi templates are the fastest way to deploy infrastructure. Templates come with predefined infrastructure as code so you can get started instantly. Find some of our templates below, and Happy Templating!

Container Service Templates

Deploy a container service on AWS with Pulumi and Amazon ECS.

Kubernetes Cluster on AWS

Deploy a Kubernetes cluster on AWS with Pulumi and Amazon EKS.

Serverless Templates

Deploy a serverless application on AWS with Pulumi, AWS Lambda, and Amazon API Gateway.

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