1. Learn Pulumi
  2. Building with Pulumi

Building with Pulumi

Learn how to use Pulumi for more complex configurations with multiple environments.

This tutorial digs a little deeper into what it means to create multiple Pulumi programs and work with them interdependently. We will also cover how Pulumi uses secrets and how you can test your Pulumi programs.


How long this module will take depends on your internet connection, reading speed, and other factors. On average, this module should take you about 50 minutes to complete.


You should have completed the Pulumi Fundamentals pathway already.

You will need the following tools to complete this module:

As to skills, you should be able to

  • use your local terminal.
  • read and understand basic Typescript or Python code.

In this pathway, you'll learn:

  • Using stacks for unique configurations of different environments
  • Sharing values from one Pulumi program or project to another
  • Working with secrets inside of Pulumi
  • 4 topics
  • About 40 minutes