1. Learn Pulumi
  2. Migration and Imports

Migration and Imports

Explore how to import resources and migrate from other platforms to Pulumi.


How long this tutorial will take depends on your internet connection, reading speed, and other factors. On average, this tutorial should take you about 30 minutes to complete.


You will need the following tools to complete this pathway:

In addition, you should be able to

  • code in any Pulumi language

We recommend that you either have completed Pulumi Fundamentals and Building with Pulumi OR have experience using Pulumi for other projects.

About this pathway

In this pathway, we will explore how you can bring into Pulumi resources created by other tools like CDK or Terraform or resources created by hand.

Note that this pathway has some examples we’ll build, but you’re welcome to use a code example of your own.

In this pathway, you'll learn:

  • how to import resources
  • 4 topics
  • About 27 minutes