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Serverless Templates

Pulumi program templates are the fastest way to deploy serverless applications on AWS, Azure, or Google Cloud Platform. Templates come with predefined infrastructure as code so you can get started instantly.

What are serverless applications?

Serverless applications use cloud services that feature automatic scaling, built-in high availability, and pay-for-use billing models, allowing you to build and run applications and services without having to provision, scale, and manage any servers yourself.

On AWS, you can build serverless applications using services like AWS Lambda, Amazon API Gateway, and Amazon S3.

On Azure, you can build serverless applications using services like Azure Functions.

On Google Cloud Platform, you can build serverless applications using services like Google Cloud Functions.

Building and deploying serverless infrastructure on AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud

Infrastructure as code is an efficient and repeatable way of building a serverless application with programming languages and deploying the website to your preferred cloud.

Pulumi’s open source, infrastructure as code SDK that lets you build and deploy static websites with TypeScript/JavaScript, Python, Go, Java, .NET, and YAML. The main benefits include:

  • Programming Languages: Define infrastructure as code in your favorite language instead of domain-specific languages or clicking through cloud consoles.

  • Unified Function and Infrastructure Code: Manage cloud function code and infrastructure code together in a single program.

  • Fast, Easy Deployment: Quickly deploy your serverless application with a CLI or from a CI/CD workflow.

  • Rapid Development: Author, version, test, and release infrastructure changes just like software.