AWS Immersion Day - Hands-on Infrastructure as Code


In this workshop, you will learn the fundamentals of Infrastructure as Code through a series of guided exercises using Pulumi’s Cloud Engineering platform. Join Pulumi and our friends from VirtusLab and AWS for an interactive session where you will be introduced to infrastructure as code concepts, and use the Java programming language to provision resources on AWS.

This workshop is designed to help users completely new to Pulumi to become familiar with the core concepts to be effective with the Pulumi Infrastructure as Code platform. We will guide you through the Pulumi platform with diagrams and a series of hands-on exercises to help you understand the building blocks available in Pulumi.


  • Laura Santamaria
    Developer Advocate, Pulumi
  • Marina Novikova
    Partner Solutions Architect, AWS
  • Paweł Prażak
    Cloud Architect, VirtusLab

What you'll learn

  • The fundamentals of Infrastructure as Code.
  • Provision cloud resources on AWS.
  • All about Pulumi Java support

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