Azure Infrastructure as Code Workshop



Duration: 2 1/2 hours

Want to learn how to use the only Infrastructure as Code (IaC) tool that supports 100% of Azure capabilities?

In this workshop, the Pulumi team will show you how to define, deploy and manage Azure resources using Infrastructure as Code through a series of hands-on labs. The techniques work for any cloud – Azure, AWS, and GCP. You’ll be able to leverage your favorite languages including Python, Go, JavaScript, TypeScript, and C# instead of YAML or domain-specific languages.

After completing this workshop, you’ll be up and running with IaC fundamentals, modern application architectures across many clouds, and best-practices that are ready for production environments. You’ll also be ready to empower your development teams to be more productive – continuously deploying both their applications and infrastructure.


  • Mikhail Shilkov
    Software Engineer, Pulumi
  • Paul Stack
    Software Engineer, Pulumi

Join us to learn:

  • Infrastructure as Code fundamentals.
  • Multi-cloud architectures for modern applications.
  • Azure best practices for production environments.

Recording Coming Soon!

This live webinar is no longer available. The recording will be posted to this page when it is available.

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