GitOps with Pulumi and GitLab


Deploy and update your infrastructure the same way you deliver the rest of your application: with real code delivered through your CI/CD pipeline. Learn how Pulumi’s modern infrastructure as code platform helps your team deliver features faster by helping you to define resources on any cloud using your favorite languages. Praneet Loke from Pulumi and William Chia from GitLab will show you how to super-charge your team’s velocity with GitOps.

You will receive follow-up email from Pulumi and GitLab after this tech talk with links to help you get started with GitOps.


  • William Chia
    Senior Product Marketing Manager, GitLab
  • Praneet Loke
    Software Engineer, Pulumi

What you'll learn

  • Create a simple infrastructure stack for a static website.
  • Policy enforcement blocking unencrypted S3 buckets.
  • Setting up ‘PR to deploy’ via GitLab CI.

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